Termidor 2.5L Liquid Termiticide



Termidor Residual Termiticide and Insecticide┬áhas been the best known and most successful termite treatment product since 2002, and has an outstanding track record when it comes to spot treatment of active termites, or the protection of structures from termite attack. The mode of action, via the famous ‘Tansfer Effect’ eliminates the attacking termite colony, lowering the risk of termite infestation on the property.

Excellent for Ants! Termidor is excellent for the treatment of ants in exterior situations, including Funnel Ants. Known as the best Termite and Ant treatment product available anywhere on the market, a generic version of the famed Termidor is also now available, called ‘FipForce Aqua’.

Buy Termidor here at great pricing, or alternatively, save even more with FipForce Aqua.

Whilst Termidor has been the market leader in the past, our technical team has switched to the use of Fipforce Aqua, based on performance and major cost savings.

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