FipForce Aqua 1L Liquid Termiticide(100g/litre Fipronil) Professional Termite Treatment and protection



Put simply, this product is now considered to be the leading termite treatment and property protection Termiticide by our experienced technical team. Our research and results suggest that the mode of action as a non repellent, far exceeds similar products in value and reliability in termite barrier installation. With an 8 year life expectancy, the mode of action and efficacy of the product, a major change is taking place throughout the professional Pest Management Industry regarding the use of Fipronil based termiticides. 

Better Formulation, better results and better value. Soon to be re launched as UltraForce and heavily marketed to the industry based on recent success, You won’t find better value for Termite Management.

This product has been formulated and produced by some of the worlds leading chemical engineers, and tested in most high pressure termite infested parts of the world. With results that have outstripped the opposition based on property protection, termite eradication and value, you wouldn’t look past FipForce Aqua.


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