DelFORCE 10SC Residual Insecticide 500ml-Professional all round pest control available for DIY


Delforce 5L


Delforce is an outstanding replication of a proven residual insecticide which has been used by the pest management industry for over 20 years. Although the Cislin 25 is mixed at a higher concentration, DelForce has proven to be the better value product for our technical advisors, and as described, DelFprce 10sc is professional all round pest control available for DIY.

Our technical team uses Delforce for fast knockdown of fleas and bedbugs, however it is also registered for cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants carpet beetle clothes moths, bird mites, and some borer.

A very good value, broad spectrum residual insecticide, and especially good value in the 500ml homeowner pack.