Biforce 100SC 5L Liquid Insecticide



Biforce 100SC is an insecticide and Termiticide for the effective treatment of cockroaches, spiders, ants, papernest wasps, mosquitos, fleas, flies, internally and externally. Biforce 100SC is also a registered Termiticide, however as this product is a repellent, it is not suitable for treatment of active termites as it has no transferrable qualities to create any effect on the colony.

This product is used by our technical team for internal and external pest control on a daily basis. An excellent product, with outstanding residual effect. Biforce 100SC is a generic product based on the more expensive Biflex Aqua. Biforce 100SC is registered as low odour, and in actual fact has virtually no smell in concentrate, or in it’s mixed form.

Biforce 100SC is our technical teams pick for it’s long term residual efficacy, and value with a 12 month effect. An outstanding product, which is our technical teams most commonly used internal and external general pest control product.


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