Termidor is the original Fipronil based termiticide used in millions of applications around the world, to eradicate active termites from any situation, and protect structures from undetected termite attack.
Fipronil is the non repellent active ingredient which has revolutionised the termite eradication industry since it’s introduction into Australia by BASF in the early 2000’s. Termidor was the original product released, and it gained a huge market share, which is gradually declining with the introduction of similar Fipronil based products.
Our Fipronil based products are outstanding in their formulation and efficacy, and when used for the protection of structures, both currently carry an 8 year life expectancy. Our technical team has found the FipForce Product to be every bit as good as the Termidor original at a substantial discount, however we’ll leave that decision up to you.

There are also similar generics available, however our technical research has found that the mixture and suspension of some of these products have been found to be unfavourable. Whilst we do not stock these products, we are able to source them for you to suit your requirements.

Please follow the directions on the product label.