Rats and mice carry disease, make an unsightly mess, create a foul smell, can create a major financial catastrophe when it comes to crops and grain storage and put fear in the hearts of many, however their treatment and control is now relatively straightforward and cost effective when done properly.
The development of all weather wax block attractants and baits, has revolutionised a previously very difficult management regime to enable pest managers to obtain and maintain control of rodents in plague, and one off situations.
Our technical team has found that single dose anticoagulant products such as Ditrac Blox are very effective when it comes to rodent control, and well placed baits are the key to a successful program.
Rodents are creatures of habit, and you may have heard of the term ‘rat run’. Rats and mice will generally follow the same path to and from its nesting site, and a buildup of droppings may be an obvious indication of a rat run in, say, a roof cavity. Rats and mouse are also wary creatures, so if you place a rodent bait in the middle of an active rat run, it may take a few days, up to a week, for the offending rodent to get the courage to inspect, and take the bait.
Like humans, rodents seek shelter from the cold, which is why treatment during the colder months is at its peak.
Internally the placement of baits in areas where a known rodent issue is present via the appearance of either a live rat or mouse, or droppings. Behind the fridge or other appliance generating heat are common hideouts, as well as in roof and wall cavities.
Please be aware that a mouse can squeeze through an opening of 7mm or less, so sealing of all access cracks and crevices is a very good idea. The air conditioning line holes through brick walls is a common entry point into the home for rats and mice.
Externally, areas where a food source such as a garbage storage area, a cooking oil vat or food storage facility are common hideouts, and lockable all weather baits are excellent in these situations.
One of the key concerns when placing rodent baits, is the risk to humans, pets and other wildlife. Baits should only be placed where they cannot be accessed by children or other animals. All external baits should be installed into securely locked external bait stations.
In cases where extreme caution is to be taken with the presence of pets and livestock, Racumin Mouse and Rat Blocks are an excellent alternative to single dose anticoagulants. Racumin is an anticoagulant product which requires repeated feeding over several days by the rodents to achieve control. This reduces the risk for pets and farm animals as they are less likely to gain repeated access to the bait.