The effective treatment of flea infestations, is a simple procedure, which requires the use of an integrated pest management strategy. The use of insecticidal dust(PermForce), along with a knockdown liquid (DelForce) and an insect growth regulator mixture (Starycide) is the most effective combination.
Firstly, the pet should be professionally washed and or treated with a topical or systemic flea control product.
All affected items such as blankets and clothing should be washed, and the floors vacuumed. An application of insecticidal dust to all cracks and crevices, including cupboards and voids, followed by a fine mist treatment of carpets and other effected areas. Allow a minimum of 1 hours drying time, or until the liquid has completely dried before re entry to the dwelling.
All floors should be vacuumed every second day to dislodge the remaining flea eggs. The treatment will provide an initial knockdown on the live activity, with the Starycide working on the eggs. Often, around the 2 week mark, fleas will become active, as the remaining eggs hatch. These will be juvenile fleas, and will die once they contact the treated surfaces.
A re spray may be applied to the areas, however this may not be necessary.

A more liberal application of the DelForce and Starycide liquid mix is required when treating external areas.

This procedure may seem a little more hassle than most, but if you have a persistent flea problem, then you will be well aware that an hour or two’s work is far better than a plague of attacking fleas.
All labels should be followed when performing any treatment.