Terms & Conditions

I am fully aware that the product, or products being provided for purchase may be restricted to purchase and use of licensed Pest Management Professionals, as determined by the product label, label’s. I have read the product label/s, and I am aware of the personal health and safety requirements, as well as the environmental impact and safety requirements of incorrect or negligent use of the product. Punishment of any negligence or breach of these requirements may result in prison or monetary fines, dependent on the severity of the breach or negligence, and the impact on the environment and health and safety regulations in the state where the breach or negligence may have occurred.

A copy of the current MSDS for this product must be downloaded and kept with the product in case of spillage or emergency, and a spill kit must be maintained operational wherever this product or products are being stored or carried.

Storage and transport of this product, products must be done so according to the requirements of the state where the product is being stored, or transited. Pest and Lawn Warehouse, TBSA Pty Ltd or any other entity associated with the sale of this product/s accepts no responsibility for the product/s once dispatch has been made, at which the responsibility pass to the purchaser.

It is mandatory that the product label must be understood and followed in it’s entirety prior to the use of any supplied product/s.


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