About Us

Pestandlawnwarehouse.com.au is 100% Australian owned and operated.

Supplying only the best and most relevant pest and lawn products to consumers and professionals, where supplying professional Pest Management products is the objective. This is not simply about supplying the DIY Pest Control products you can buy at any local hardware store.

Our technical operations division is advised by Chris Sands. Chris owns and operates one of Queensland’s most successful and efficient Termite and Pest Management companies. Running a conscientious team of technicians, servicing properties in Queensland and NSW, Chris is fully qualified to advise on all areas of pest management. Chris provides valuable advice to our customers based on the methods and products which are used in huge volumes, on a daily basis.
“My team services thousands of homes each year, and I am continually monitoring the results of various products and treatment methods, in order to keep all of our customers 100% happy throughout their treatment period. If we use an inferior or ‘cheap’ product for half of the pest season, then we are going to be up for tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue retreating properties which should have been pest free, so we know what works. This is why I have limited the products you’ll find here. We have simply stripped our inventory  to the products which I know work the best. These products are not the usual DIY Pest Control products you’ll find at your local hardware store. This is about the most effective professional pest management products, delivering sustainable results.”

There are thousands of options when it comes to pest management.  Many of them will do the same thing, so instead of doubling up and confusing everyone, we have adopted the tried and proven products which Chris uses in his operation to pass on to our customers.

Our aim, is to provide our customers a simple solution for their pest and lawn issues, at the best possible price.