German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches are the smaller, light brown cockroaches, which seem to be virtually impossible to get rid of.
More commonly, a pest of commercial facilities such as restaurant kitchens, cafe’s and industrial cooking facilities, german cockroaches are one of the most persistent pests, professional pest managers face.
Often carried from location to location via cardboard food storage boxes, such as fruit boxes, and beer cartons, german cockroaches require a slightly different approach, combined with a more thorough treatment and slightly different product applications, to eradicate. Although treatment is similar to that of a normal cockroach infestation or General Pest Control, some key differences can be found below:
German Cockroach treatment is fairly straightforward and also requires an integrated approach, with the combination of dust, gel and liquid applications to an infested property, however a more thorough application is necessary than if treating for your normal Australian, American, or Oriental Brown Cockroach infestations.
Treatment of German Cockroach infestations requires the application of a quality Fipronil based cockroach gel, such as Goliath Gel to the internal cupboard door hinges of the kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas. The gel should be in no more that a match head sized dollop.
Following the gel application, insecticidal dust such as Permforce, or Permethrin D 2kg should be applied to all cracks and crevices internally, and externally, including cupboard crevices, behind taps, pipe entries, wall cavities through weep holes and roof cavities. As the feeding habits of German Cockroaches are different to the other cockroach species, the dust application should be very thorough, and time should be spent getting dust into all cracks and crevices throughout the property. The more harbourage areas you can get the dust into, the more successful the treatment will be.
An internal spray, of the skirting boards with a measured mix of Biforce 100SC and Starycide, and a more liberal external perimeter spray of the building, including around all windows, doorways, under eaves, and downpipes is required. Due to the different feeding habits of German Cockroaches, the use of an Insect Growth Regular such as Starycide, is necessary to take effect on the entire life cycle of the cockroach. The Starycide is most important for this treatment, and the Biforce 100SC will aid in the faster knockdown of the offending cockroaches.
The internal spray will provide a residual treatment which will help maintain internal control of cockroaches and other pests, whilst the external perimeter treatment will help to reduce the entry of pests from outside.

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