Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are one of the most disliked insect pest on the planet, for 2 very good reasons. They are easily transported in clothing and stored materials and are one of the most easily transmitted insect pests from dwelling to dwelling. The most common places where infestations generally occur are in the one place where we usually stop to rest and recuperate, the bedroom.
The second reason Bed Bugs are referred to with contempt, is the simple fact that they require a live host to survive, and usually, that host is human!

Bedbug infestations are common in hotels and backpacker accommodation as well as residential homes, and require extremely thorough and integrated treatment.
Firstly, the infestation must be identified. Bed Bugs are a deep burgundy red insect around 2mm in length, and are likely to be located in fine cracks and crevices around bedroom furniture.
Professional treatment will usually commence with a thorough crack and crevice treatment with an aerosol such as Chaindrite Crawling Insect Spray, ensuring that all harbourage sites are treated. At this point, all bed linen and and clothing located in the affected areas should be placed into black plastic bags and dusted with permethrin dust such as PermFORCE Dust, before being sealed with a simple knot, then placed in direct sunlight. The increased temperature caused by the sunlight, combined with the permethrin dust will kill all contained bedbugs infesting the clothing and linen inside.
Further dust treatment to all furniture, crevices and cracks in the affected areas, followed by a liquid treatment with a Deltamethrin based residual insecticide, such as DelForce 10SC, to the skirting boards and internal perimeter of the affected areas. Re entry to the ares once the liquid treatment has dried, and all clothing and linen should then be thoroughly washed.
This is a very time consuming process, and re infestation can easily occur, if any remaining bedbugs are allowed to reproduce. This is why thorough and detailed treatment is a necessity. Many pest control professionals will not offer a warranty for Bed Bug treatments as they can be easily transmitted from one area to another, and re infestations commonly occur.

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