Effective ant treatment has long been a difficult task for Pest Management Technicians, and can be the most frustrating of all pests to maintain control. Simply purchasing some ‘Ant Sand’ from Bunnings, and sprinkling it wherever ants pop up, just is not viable for the homeowner, otherwise the professionals would just be doing the same.
With the Registration of Fipronil and non repellent based products for ant management, that task has become achievable.
Firstly with Termidor, then closely followed by other fipronil based products, the external perimeter treatments and lawn treatments, external ant management is becoming simpler.
Internally, Imidachloprid is easing the pressure as the non repellent products such as Maxforce Quantum, and Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait take up the slack on sugar ants.
Liquid treatments and Dust applications internally with Phantom, and Permethrin Dusts are still the most effective when treating starch ants outside the sweet environments of kitchens and food preparation areas.

Something to keep in mind when treating an ant problem, is that generally, any internal problem will have originated outside, so rectifying the external conditions, and getting your liquid treatments in place outside are key. After having removed all foliage from contact with the structure, a Registered Fipronil based product would be applied to the perimeter of the building and lawn/garden areas. In most cases, this will sort out an irritating ant problem, however if the colony has decided to set up camp internally, then application of ant baits such as AntMaster, or Maxforce, combined with a dust and internal spray with Phantom to the relevant areas should do the trick.

Our technical teams method would begin with the exterior application of Termidor, or other registered Fipronil Based Liquid followed by the careful placement of some Ant Cafe’s baited with Antmaster Liquid Ant Bait. This is the best way to perform the treatment and will be successful in around 95-98% of all situations, and at the best value.

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