Odour Remover Bags




The Earthcare Odour Remover Bags are a godsend when you find the stench of a dead rat or mouse is driving you insane! Our technical team uses hundreds of these each year where customers have used supermarket variety rodent control products, and the target has been effected before being able to exit the building.

Just simply take the odour bag out of the plastic wrapping, and install into the area where the smell is at it’s strongest. The bags come with a string to hang the bags from any convenient location. Although carcass removal will most definitely help, it is not necessary.

Lasts 3 months in use and indefinitely unwrapped, uses all natural blend of minerals, and eliminates musty mildew odour, Urine/faeces odour, smoke odour, rubbish odour, rotten food odour and litter box odour.

These bags are also excellent for hanging in locations close to litter boxes.

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