General Pest Control Kit



This general pest control kit will provide the user with a solid, integrated arsenal of the best value products to solve your pest control needs. Excluding the German Cockroach variety, a professional Pest Control operator should provide the average domestic property with a 12 month guarantee against general pest infestation with a combination of the products in this kit.

Based on Value and efficacy, this is our technical teams pick as a reliable and long lasting general pest control kit.

This kit includes:

1 x Scuttle Cockroach Gel (single pack)

1 x Biforce 100SC 5Litre Liquid Insecticide

1 x Permethrin D Insecticide Dust 2kg


The key to a successful general pest control treatment of your home, or office, is to apply the appropriate products to the appropriate areas, not just apply large amounts of product. A good pest control technician will use a general pest control kit, to build an integrated defence against the entry and harbourage of pests. For example, the application of the Scuttle Cockroach Gel should be placed in areas where cockroach droppings are either visible, or their presence is likely with stored food materials, rubbish or moisture. There is no use applying your cockroach gel to a ceiling fan for instance, as the likelihood of cockroaches sensing the bait in such an unlikely location, is virtually zero.

Dust application is also a strategic game, and the installation of dust to potential harbourage sites such as the rear of kitchen cupboards, cavities and cracks and crevices will be  most likely to provide a successful treatment.

Finally, your liquid treatment is designed to provide ongoing residual effect, and should be applied to the internal skirting boards of your home, and external surfaces where insect entry points are likely. Around doorways and windows, under the eaves and fascias where spider webs are commonly found, and on downpipes etc, where spiders are known to lurk.

These basic tips will help you to save money by avoiding excessive use of your products, and provide you with ongoing protection from your general pest control issues.

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